Don Casper


Over the past 10 years, Don has traveled across the country and spent hundreds of hours of research and filming for "Signs of the Time". Marking his feature documentary debut as both Producer and Director, "Signs of the Time" is the culmination of many stories, recreations and archival film clips that have been uncovered through his travels. After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology's film program in 1990, Don has been involved in all aspects of filmmaking including 8 years producing television programs at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and 7 years editing nationally distributed productions with Crystal Pix. In 2006, he produced and directed the acclaimed short film "Certain Death", which was recognized at the Rochester International Film Festival and was an official selection at the 15th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival.

Caroline Manard

Executive Producer

Along with being Executive Producer, Caroline is the Graphic Artist and Animator on "Signs of the Time". She spent many hours researching styles throughout the 19th and 20th centuries to create the graphic look that would tie into the evolution theme established in the film. She has been creating award-winning animations for over twenty years appearing in a wide variety of mediums including national commercials, documentaries, and children's television programming. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology's graphic design program, Caroline is currently a co-owner of Crystal Pix, a nationally recognized film and video production facility in Western New York.

Ray Manard

Executive Producer

In addition to marking his first venture as Executive Producer, Ray serves as both Cinematographer and Editor on "Signs of the Time" utilizing his storytelling experience to impact both the visual style and pace of the film. Ray is an award-winning producer, director and cinematographer that has participated in the creation of numerous documentaries, television programs and feature films. Manard's documentary about American Lighthouses, "Sending Out the Light" enjoyed critical acclaim and success through PBS and Home Video. A graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse School, Ray is currently co-owner of Crystal Pix, a nationally recognized film and video production facility in Western New York.

Jim Hughes


In a script where many facts and real world stories are intertwined with re-enactments, Jim's dual role of Producer and Screenwriter became essential. The writing of "Signs of the Time" required establishing characters from the history of baseball that went hand in hand with the intimate understanding of that material. Jim is a 25-year veteran of the production industry. He has produced and directed dozens of projects throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa. He recently produced and directed the historical docudrama "The White Cockade, the Final Cry for Freedom". This award-winning film portrays the anguish of the final violent days of 18th century Scotland's struggle for independence. The film was shown on PBS, in independent theaters, and enjoyed national distribution via the internet.

Rob LaVaque

Original Score & Sound Design

"Signs of the Time" is a movie as much about hand signals as it is about people and their character. Using established themes for Hoy and Klem, Rob carefully crafted the musical landscape that defines it's characters and emotions throughout the film. Rob is a talented musician, composer, and sound engineer. He has toured internationally with Grammy Award winner Richard Marx, and Multi-Platinum recording artist Greg Lake of ELP. He has also worked with the likes of David Foster, Chuck Mangione, and Lou Gramm. As a composer, he has charted songs in the top ten regionally, and wrote the title track for national recording artist Head East.

Eric McMaster

Director of Photography

Evolution is a key theme in "Signs of the Time" and throughout the film many archival films and photographs are used simultaneously with re-enactment and modern day footage. Eric oversaw the technical aspects throughout the 2 years the film was shot, to establish its visual continuity. Over the past 20 years, Eric has contributed to multiple award-winning documentary and feature films amassing numerous film credits. McMaster Productions, his own production company specializing in camera and lighting equipment has become a leading provider of film and television production services in the Western New York Region.

Greg Short

Visual Effects Supervisor

In order to make Braves field circa 1921 come to life in "Signs of the Time", Greg painstakingly built the stadium bleacher by bleacher using the magic of 3D software. Over the past 15 years, Greg has produced a comprehensive portfolio of award-winning eye candy for national television campaigns, feature films, and corporate presentations. He is constantly retooling his skills by keeping up with the latest innovations in graphic design, interactive media, and visual effects. He has been recognized for innovative design with multiple awards, including the coveted ADDY. Most recently, Greg created the visual effects for the independent feature "Smoking Laws" by Eggwork Productions.